Thursday, May 10, 2007

Busily stitching!

Hi, all, I am back from Celebrations, and had a wonderful time! I saw old friends and met new friends - and, of course, acquired new stash. I am still going through it all - and pondering what to start next. This is a washed-out picture of the stitching I did on a Spot Round Robin that I'm in on the World Wide Round Robin's Board. I had mailed it before I recognized that the photo was bad - well, truth be told, photography is not my strong suite. I hope you enjoy seeing the pics anyway.

I have been stitching the Tranquility Sampler from Martina Wiehenberg. If I intend to frame a piece, I stitch in hand; so please excuse the wrinkles. This piece is on LL Magnolia in Vicki Claytons premium silk. It is a fun stitch. A new page comes out every Friday. I am about a week behind on this project.

The other piece that I have been working on during my duty as taxi service for my 11 year old is the Be Glad Sajou:

I also am frantically stitching on my neighborhood round robin piece. If I make use of every spare moment, I should be able to finish by the mailing date. I am in the "blind folks" group - LOL - I was too chicken to sign up for the high count group - so I am in the 28-32 ct fabric group. My fabric is Vintage Maple Sugar, and it is just gorgeous! I have been collecting up my house charts - but deciding which to stitch has really been a challenge so far.
That's about all for now. Time to go to the nursery to pick some flowers. We are simultaneously replacing the shrubbery in front of the house, and landscaping around the pool we put in last year. Not to mention that I have four other gardens that are in serious need of attention. I have huge piles of leaf gro and shredded bark that are screaming my name. The only thing I have blooming now is miniature bearded irises - and they are charming - only 8-10 inches tall.
Happy stiching! Margaret


Carol said...

Well hello! It was so nice to see you last week! I just signed up for the Tranquility Mystery! I accidentally sent them USD instead of Euros and am having a tough time reaching them to fix it... so for now, they have not sent me anything! I am thrilled you are doing this one too!

Jenn said...

It's great to see you posting. It was so nice to see you last week.