Sunday, October 09, 2005

Quick update

I don't have progress pics right now - but I will try to post some tomorrow. I finished my little dragon for the JCS Retro ornie RR - he is just adorable. I guess I was being cranky in my last post, when I was complaining about him. Anyway, I restitched him on Mocha Cashel, and am happy with the results. Thank goodness I had only used the DMC floss on my first attempt when I discovered my error - and I had plenty of floss to restitch him.

I started my Celtic Ladies SAL. I selected Celtic Winter and am using 28 ct. opalescent Lugana, Winter Skye, by Silkweaver. I am working on the right hand side border - so that I have something to count against when I do the dress. Two other reasons - I was concerned that the border would be boring because it is repetitive, and I need to get it done while I am enthusiastic about the project; and also I haven't decided whether to go with grays for the dress, or move more to blues. So far I am loving the project.

I decided to go with Silkweavers FOTM for the next six months as my prize for the Summer Fun Event. I just love the hand dyed fabrics, and can't get enough of them.

It has rained and rained this weekend. We certainly needed it; but I have 300 daffodil bulbs in my garage waiting to be planted. I wish they were in the ground!!! This afternoon while DH and DS are footballing I am going to the nursery and buy some mums - I just can't resist any longer. I may get some pansies also. Then tomorrow (a holiday) I am going to visit a LNS (the first since moving to Maryland). I have been in mourning because I miss the Stitch N Frame Shop (Rock Hill SC) since my move - I am now over that!!!

Happy stitching, Margaret


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Carol said...

Good choice Margo! The six month sub to the FOTM will be wonderful - I couldn't live without mine :-) I am dying to see your CW - your fabric choice sounds excellent!!!