Saturday, January 23, 2010

Blackwork mystery and Appalachian Rose

Hi! Here are some pictures of my new (one new, one resurrected) projects. The top photo is Appalachian Rose by Indigo Rose. This is a collection of smalls from a class I took at Celebrations last year (or the year before). The top piece is destined to become a tape measure holder and the bottom one will become a needleroll (well, in my dreams at least). The colors on these pieces are vibrant and lively - helps counteract the gray January days. The set has many pieces, including a lined box - Think my finishing skills are up to the task?

The bottom picture is a mystery blackwork design by Seba Designs. I'm using HDF premium midnight rainbow on some mystery fabric - it doesn't behave like linen - I'm wondering if it could be congress cloth????? I think this photo is twisted 90 degrees - I cannot figure out why the computer does this to me, especially when my resident consultants (DH and DS) are busy elsewhere.

I am still crazy about these mystery projects - I don't quite understand it. It's not as though I don't have enough projects that are all kitted up and screaming for my attention.

Well, that's all for today, happy stitching everybody! Margaret


Kathy A. said...

pretty, pretty work. I love mysteries. I have only done one that I did not like the colors.

Rose said...

Just gone through your project work of Appalachian Rose by Indigo Rose. It looks amazing. Thanks for sharing it.