Sunday, October 05, 2008

Neighborhood RR - Robyn's square

This is the square I stitched for Robyn's RR - her theme was a seaside neighborhood. I had some misgivings about my choice, but it turned out very cute, if you can imagine it without the wrinkles!

I haven't stitched much lately - the only other thing I've done is a Halloween exchange for HoE - I mailed it a week ago, and it hasn't arrived yet - so I'm sitting on pins and needles. It did have a long way to go, so there probably is no reason to worry. However, I know worrying works because most of what I worry about never happens - LOL

Happy stitching! Margaret


Von said...

Margaret, I feel more relaxed just gazing at that lovely beachside cottage!! You couldn't have chosen a more perfect design. :D

Ann Christie said...

It's beautiful, I think I'd like to stitch it sometime. Who is the designer? What is the name of the pattern?

Karen's Blog said...

Hi Margaret,

Just posted to the group but I wanted to let you know here as well that my beautiful Halloween exchange arrived today. I absolutely LOVE it. Thank you so much for the beautiful needleroll and all the wonderful extras you sent. I love it all. Thanks so much!!

Shelley said...

Hi, Margaret:

I, too, love your contribution to the seaside neighborhood RR and would love to know who is the designer and the name of the chart. Well done. Thanks for sharing!

e said...

Margo - I too love the pattern you stitched for Robyn's RR - I would love to stitch it - what designer/name is it?