Thursday, May 29, 2008

Time to Catch Up

I have not been stitching much lately, so I have not updated my blog. I just printed out Part 5 of How Does Your Garden Grow; and I realized I had not posted a photo of Part 4 yet. So here it is. This is such an interesting piece - I love paging through all the pictures at the Papillon Creations site, and seeing how the feel of the piece changes with the different color combinations. I am going to start Part 5 tonight.

While I am updating, I thought I would show you my progress on SALexandre - I had to pull out one-half of the border and re-stitch it - it was a pain since it is 40 ct linen. But, it's done now, and I have moved on to Part 4. Part 5 is out now; and I am giving up hope that I will catch up on this one. In fact, I am congratulating myself that this did not become a UFO when I had to remove tons of stitches.

So, you might ask what I have been doing with my time? Well, I have been working in my yard. We have relocated the overgrown azalea bushes from the front of the house - I now have a lovely deer buffet (aka azalea garden) at the edge of my woods in the back yard. I also have planted four Forest Pansy redbud trees, three Pear trees and one pecan tree. I have planted marigolds around the vegetable garden (to help deter the deer) and I have spread two yards of mulch. We are going tomorrow to get two more yards, so I can have the joy of spreading it next week. I also have new shrubs to set out in front of the house.

Two years ago we put in a pool and last summer I planted a mix of trees, shrubs and perennials around it. This year it is starting to fill in - it's chaotic from a distance because there are many different plants; but when you are pool side and up close, it is wonderful.

I'll try to get DH to take some landscape photos when the light is better this evening.

Oh, and did I mention that I have less will power around plants than I have around stash? My garden center bills just continue to grow!

All for now. Happy stitching, Margaret


Kathy A. said...

Lovely progress on your two pieces. I love all the bright colors!
Just finished planting flower boxes, pots and planters today in my WINTER coat!!! Hope you had warmer weather for gardening

Carol said...

Oh, pretty WIPS!!! Can't wait to see Stella :-)