Friday, March 21, 2008

Wiehenberg Mystery Quaker 2008

I am having so much fun stitching this piece that I have not put it down yet. These pictures show my progress - I have stitched through page 8 (I have not stitched a few stitches here and there on the border of the pages). The main group is on page 14 - so I actually have dreams that I may catch up in the next month or so. Think that's possible?
Well, actually, that's not very likely - I am putting it down now to do part 3 of the Papillon Creations Mystery; and then I'm debating starting the Spanish Sampler Mystery by Lady Periphaeria. I already have my fabric basted - so it's just a matter of picking some colors and taking the first stitch. That project is charted for deep red, deep purple and deep amber - but those colors don't really go in my house - my house is mostly tans, greens, and blues. I think I will get out my box of Viki Clayton silks and play around with colors.
It is a gorgeous spring day here - you can almost see the flower bulbs grow. Some of my early daffodils are starting to show color. I need to get out and clean my perennial borders; and cut back the ornamental grasses; and order mulch; and the list goes on and on. I think I will expand my blogging to include gardening this year.
Happy stitching, Margaret


Commonly Cheap said...

Found your blog by clicking "next blog", saying hello.

Beautiful stitching! Great job.

If you visit me, please leave a comment of no more than seven words or less! Have a great day.

Becky K in OK said...

Great progress. It's beautiful.