Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Hi! Once again I've let a long time go by without updating my blog. I just adore reading other stitcher's blogs; but I find updating mine to be a chore. I would like to keep a loose record of my stitching, though - what's a non-computer person to do?

Here are some updates:

I am in a spot round robin on the Worldwide Round Robins. This is a picture of the first sampler when I finished. I'd already mailed it when I realized my photo was blurry, but here it is:

These spots are from Consider the Lilies by Eileen Bennett and Rebecca's Sampler, a class piece from Betsey Stinner (my second favorite designer of all time). You can't hardly see it, but it has an adorable little frog on it - I debated whether the owner would like it - I hope she does. If not, she can replace it later. The colors are not traditional - I chose colors a shade or two away from the colors the owner had already used. It was great fun to stitch; and now I can't wait for the next one to arrive. I've already been through my stash, and set aside a group of charts with interesting spot motifs.

Next here are some pics of my my Treasured Workstation, by Judy O'Dell. I am taking part in the class through the Legacy Embroiderer's Guild. It is the only project that I am current on. I am using Viki Clayton premium silk and some stash linen for this project.

I am currently stitching on several other BAP's - but will save the update pics for later in the week.
I also have made my reservations - hotel and plane for Celebrations in May. I also have signed up for way too many classes - but haven't received my confirmation letter yet - I will give it a day or two and then check on it.
I have been on a tear lately collecting house patterns - I joined a round robin organized by Carol. It should be great fun also.
My issue of SANQ just arrived - I was late in renewing my subscription; and so I was beginning to wonder if I would miss an issue or not. Now I am going to have to sit on my hands to keep myself from starting the Old Aviary Sampler, now that I have all the parts. So many projects, so little time!

Well, until next time, happy stitching, Margaret


Jenn said...

I'm glad to hear yout coming to Celebration again this year. drop me an e-mail when you get a chance (my e-mail is in my blog under 'about me') I'd love to see what classes you are taking.

I"ve not gotten my registration back either. I checked last week and Kelly said she was running behind and would be doing this soon.

Carol said...

Welcome back Margaret! What a treat to see a new entry today - I love the piece you are doing on the Legacy Board! Many mention that board, but I have never come across it. I think I am missing out on something good there!

I emailed Kelly a while back - she has not sent any registrations out or processed anything at all - same as every year, very very slow!

Kiwi Jo said...

Hi Margaret. I'm so pleased that I'll get to take a class with you! I love all your stitching but especially the Treasured Workstation. Don't forget to bring some of your pieces to Celebrations so we can see them in person.

Lavender Rose said...

Hi, Margaret, I'm a newbie visitor to your blog. Had to see who you are and to meet you because I'm a friend of Carol and Jo's. I'm also a Legacy Bd. member, an EGAer, ANGer, and MA girl who used to go to Nashua for Celebrations!! Oh, how I wish I were there with you all this year!! It's my first time blogging and I'm making such great friends from all over the place! Enjoy your times there together.
And, come visit me on my blog. It's been a teat seeing your beautiful work and reading about you. Deb (now in Naples, FL)
PS: I'm also doing Carol's Neighborhood RR...in Group 1 with her. Which group are you?

Erica said...

Hi Margaret,
I was just doing a search on "The Old Aviary" and I found your blog. I am in the process of kitting this up, and I was wondering what the best place to buy the linen was. It is a very long cut. Did you find anyone who would custom cut this?